In 1951, Ralph Pinkus founded North Haven Gardens.  Sixty-four years later, his great granddaughter, Tara Rose, was born.  Tara's middle name, Rose, is a tribute to Ralph and his connection to all the beautiful flowers in Dallas.  

A strong tornado hit Dallas in 2019 and turned North Haven Gardens into a pile of splintered wood and mangled steel.  Amid the destruction, one wall remained standing with a picture of Ralph still hanging on it and perfectly intact.  We saw this as a sign to rebuild and set out to reimagine Ralph's legacy with a modern spin, but to still uphold the values of family and community that he instilled in North Haven Gardens for so many years.  

We chose to name our new boutique and cafe 'Ralph & Rose' to signify the strength of family and our commitment to providing quality products to the community for generations to come.  

Please enjoy your time here and fully immerse yourself in all North Haven Gardens and Ralph & Rose have to offer.